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ZootAlore! Group is Expanding

Posted on 5th March 2012
ZootAlore! Group

ZootAlore! Group is expanding! We’re about to launch two new websites to give you more information about our other companies. These include ZootAlore! Group Employment Services and ZootAlore! Community Foundation.

Our new site for ZootAlore! Group Employment Services will tell you all about what we do to help colleges, employers and individuals make the best of themselves in today's working world. We offer a marketing programme unlike anything else available in the UK.

ZootAlore! Community Foundation is all about helping people in need, and our new website will demonstrate some of our products and services. This includes MyLife; our online platform designed to help Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LLDDs) live independent lives and find job and training opportunities.

Keep checking the links below to find out more:

ZootAlore! Group Employment Services

ZootAlore! Community Foundation

ZootAlore! Blog: Joanne Shaw, Chief Operating Officer MyLife

Posted on 2nd December 2011
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Joanne Shaw


Hi, my name is Joanne, and I am the Chief Operating Officer for the ZootAlore! Community Foundation CIC. We are currently working on a new and exciting website designed to assist Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities into employment and/or training as well as supporting with independent living arrangements. It’s a fantastic job which allows me to work in an area which I am very passionate about.

What I have been up to:

Over the past few months I have been very busy making contacts with various organisations, government representatives including some at the DfE, and a number of charities to spread the word of the work which we are doing and also to allow learners to register and use the facilities we offer.

ZootAlore! Blog: Zoot The Alien, Inter-Dimensional Advisor

Posted on 15th November 2011
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Zoot The Alien


Greetings, I’m Zoot. Let’s be honest, you already knew that…didn’t you? Basically, I run the show at ZootAlore. I have been travelling the galaxies for the last 106 years, and I have finally found a nice set of colleagues with great ideas; great ethics and not-so-ugly faces.

What I have been up to:

This week, I have been organising the staff Christmas party. Sadly, I don’t think that the ZootAlore! employees would be able to keep up with ‘Party Zoot’, so we will be heading out for a meal mid-December, and behaving ourselves.

We’ve also been organising everything ready for an exhibition that we’re off to in London. It’s called Opening Doors and it’s going to be huge. We’ve got two stands there, one for The Big Academy and one for the ZootAlore! Group. I’m heading down too, as it’s based at Tottenham Hotspurs’ football ground and I haven’t seen my old pal Harry Redknapp since my trial last year.

MyLife response to Ricky Gervais' recent "Mong" comments

Posted on 21st October 2011

The Chief Operating Officer of ‘MyLife’; a ZootAlore! group website dedicated to helping people with disabilities and special educational needs, has slammed a comedian for his recent comments on a social networking site.

Comedian Ricky Gervais, best known for his shows The Office and An Idiot Abroad, has been blasted over his repeated use of the word "mong" on Twitter.

Defending his actions, Gervais said: "Just to clarify for uptight people stuck in the past. The word mong means Down's Syndrome about as much as the word gay means happy. I never use the word mong to mean anything to do with Downs Syndrome."

Young people need to expect work says employment specialist

Posted on 12th October 2011
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Barnsley-based youth employment specialists, the ZootAlore! Group, have reacted to today’s new unemployment figures released by the Government.

ZootAlore’s Chairman, Adrian Oldfield, said: “One of the ways we need to tackle youth unemployment is by setting ‘Work Expectations’, which needs to be put into young people’s minds whilst they’re still at school.”

“Young people should expect to work, and expect to receive a fair day’s wage for doing so. We are hearing too often about apprentices being seen as ‘cheap labour’ and that is totally wrong. If anything, an apprentice should be paid a better wage than their colleagues in the same role; after all they are working towards a qualification.”

“An apprentice isn’t about cheap labour, it’s about building a well-rounded, experienced young person that could become an asset to a company.”

ZootAlore! Monthly Blog: Victoria Wood, Communications Director

Posted on 7th October 2011
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Each month, a member of the ZootAlore! team will give an insight into life in our offices.


Hi, my name is Victoria and I work in the Communications Department at ZootAlore! Thank you for taking time to read my blog. You’ve caught me during my first week at the office, so I’m really busy at the moment.

What I have been up to:

This week I have been sorting out ZootAlore’s social media. As you can imagine, we have a number of social media accounts to manage; so I have been organising everything to make it more streamlined for everybody involved.

We’ve also been designing our new ZootAlore! mascot; Zoot the alien. Creating Zoot alongside the rest of the team has been great. We’re currently deciding what he should be wearing, how he travels and even what accent he has! The ideas are already rolling, though, with plans for viral videos, holiday photos and much more.

ZootAlore.com relaunched! The world joins hands and marks Z-A day!

Posted on 26th September 2011
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The worker bees at ZootAlore! are happy to reveal the fruits of their labour; the much anticipated launch of our new and improved website! We feel this new and rather spiffy design is so much easier to navigate, so if you want to find out just who the heck ZootAlore! are or just what it is we get up to over here in sunny Barnsley then your answer shouldn’t be more than a click away.

ZootAlore! have got a lot of exciting initiatives on the go at the moment. Chief amongst these is the Big Academy, a rapidly growing community interest company which helps young people slay the monster that is unemployment through offering a variety of different services. We’ll also soon be launching MyLife, a new and exciting web platform designed to help Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LLDD) find work and/or training and also lead more independent lives.

We’re always looking to hear from you, in fact we insist upon it, so if you’ve got any questions, want to comment on our new layout, or even if you just want to say hi, then feel free to get in touch or email us directly at hello@zootalore.com.

Have fun!

Take control of your life with MyLife.

Posted on 26th September 2011
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MyLife is a new web based platform designed by ZootAlore! Community Foundation CIC which aims to support the wide range of needs experienced by Learners with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LLDD) and give easy access to specific Careers IAG, potential training placements and independent living information.

Key features of MyLife will include the ability for individuals to create personal profiles, link directly to schools, colleges and training providers, as well as provide the necessary IAG to make informed decisions through independent or supported access. In addition, support for young people and adults’ independent living will be included and gives access to information and support organisations as well as potentially linking them to supported living placements within their locality. It will also track and record each learner.

This innovative platform has been created in the belief that no matter what barriers there may be, all young people need to have a structured way to plan their future, live fulfilled lives and achieve their individual potential. For more information and news concerning MyLife, make sure to visit zootalore.com/mylife.