Student Resources

Student Resources is all about helping out colleges, employers and individuals make the best of themselves in today's working world. We offer a variety of top quality services.

To a college or training provider, Student Resources offers a marketing programme unlike anything else available in the UK. With many years experience in the FE sector there is no better choice for help with finding learners. For employers, we can help you find the right training and development for your company. One of the main benefits is many training initiatives have funding attached so you often won’t need to pay a thing! So just let us know who you want training for, we’ll do the rest. For individuals who are interested in knowing which courses are available to choose from, we have just the thing. With over 10,000 courses there is sure to be something we can find for you. We’ll even help you with all the relevant paperwork. Get in touch today and let us help you further your career prospects