MyChoices is a web platform which targets a wider range of individuals from many challenging areas and backgrounds in our society.

MyChoices is an innovative new web based platform developed by ZootAlore! Community Foundation CIC. MyChoices is committed to developing exciting, engaging and easily accessible resources to guide a wider range of people into work/training and give access to a range of information and support groups enabling them to lead more independent lives.

Key features of MyChoices include the ability for individuals to create personal profiles, link directly to schools, colleges and training providers, as well as provide the necessary IAG to make informed decisions through independent or supported access. In addition, support for young people and adults' independent living is included and gives access to information and support organisations as well as potentially linking them to supported living placements within their locality.

This innovative platform has been created in the belief that no matter what barriers there may be, everyone needs to have a structured way to plan their future, live fulfilled lives and achieve their individual potential.