Who We Are

No matter what we're doing, ZootAlore! Group is all about doing it well.

We're a rapidly growing network of companies which each have a particular vision for challenging the status quo within their chosen area. Our companies share a common culture and our values are based around value for money,
quality of delivery and a strong work ethic.

"Our companies share a common culture and our values are based around value for money, quality of delivery and a strong work ethic."

The big aspiration here at ZootAlore! is that we're always looking for ways to improve the life chances of the young. Whether through our own initiatives or working with government bodies, youth organisations and industry; we're always striving to improve the routes into employment and training available for all young people regardless of background or academic ability. We'd like to think we're a pretty friendly and approachable bunch of people, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in working with us or just want to know more about us.

What powers the ZootAlore! war machine is the talent of the people driving it.

Just like we aim to get the best out of young people through our initiatives, we're also eager to get the best out of ZootAlore's own. What drives ZootAlore! forward is our culture,
Skills Pledge Positive About Disabled People
and it's a culture that we take great pride in nurturing. Nobody likes a gestapo leaning over your shoulder every five minutes, least of all us. We believe a personal responsibility to just get on with the job will always trump being micromanaged. Read on to learn more about the ZootAlore! family.
  • Adrian Oldfield

    Adrian Oldfield
    Chairman & Chief Executive

    A self-professed meglomaniac and keen proponent of political incorrectness, Adrian's can-do attitude and experience in the recruitment sector means the rest of us will always have something to do when we shuffle into the office on a monday morning half asleep and grumpy.

  • Andrew Orme

    Andrew Orme
    Commercial Director

    With experience in Digital Media and work-based learning, Andrew provides guidance and leadership to the sales team as they work with training providers. Despite his unconditional support for Liverpool FC, his positive contribution to ZootAlore! Group is indisputable.

  • Andrew Orme

    Luke "The Sheriff" Harrison
    Creative Director

    The true brains behind ZootAlore! Group and by a complete coincidence the author of this text, The Sheriff is ZootAlore's resident web design guy and all-round genius. Known for turning up to the office in a different sports car every day, Luke is an essential cog in ZootAlore's wheel of creativity.

  • Barry Harley

    Barry Harley
    Lead Web Developer

    Simply put, Barry's job at ZootAlore! is to make great website designs into great websites. This isn't always easy, in fact it's almost always difficult. Luckily for us Barry relishes the challenge, just don't ask him why your computer isn't working whilst he's at it, because his short temper is almost legendary.

  • Zoot The Alien

    Zoot The Alien
    Inter-Dimensional Advisor

    A little blue extraterrestrial from the 5th Dimension, Zoot the Alien has travelled here using his Inter-Dimensional Star Portal to teach us humans a thing or two about inspiring our young people. Be on your best behaviour and he may even share the secret of eternal life.

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